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Knowing and understanding a customer's unique needs and being able to fulfil them not just to their satisfaction but also often beyond expectation is the hallmark of a customer-centric organisation.

At Netcom, we are committed to achieving and exceeding this level of performance at all times. We are single-mindedly devoted to providing the most reliable and highest-quality of products and services in the realm of Web & ICT – from domain registration and web hosting to web site design and web-based software development, backed by unmatched customer support and service.

We also provide hardware and network-related IT services which include desktop and server management, LAN and internet service management, software licence management, IT security, hardware and software procurement services as well as consulting, backup, disaster recovery and troubleshooting.

In short, we are a one-stop web solutions company.

What our clients say

Innovation             Teamwork & Partnerships
Our role is to deliver the most appropriate, up-to-date and best of breed products that are reliable, secure yet budget-concious. We strive to always be the best creatively and to do thing differently to the competition. Our entrepreneurial attitute to emerging products and processes keeps us and our customers ahead of the pack. Our success is not just dependent on technical expertise, but the ability of individuals to work together to make our 'Total Web & ICT Solutions' happen for customers. Our people are praised for their ability to work in partnership and as part of a team to deliver every single time, often in challenging circumsttances.
Depedability & Trust Built To Expand
Accountability for our actions is what drives us forward. We are passionate about our service levels, taking responsibility for our customer's businesses and ensuring things happen. Our people have a clear sense of responsibility for their customer accounts; they care, are strong-willed yet fun for our clients and partners to do business with. Our focus on service means we will always reach decisions for our customers. We keep the lines of communication wide open and reciprocal. You’ll be informed and empowered from inception to project review and beyond. We think that’s key to a happy, productive relationship and to the best results. Whatever your project demands, our extended network of strategists, creatives and technology specialists is always eager to pitch in. We know it helps to know good people.
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