tablet Bulk SMS is a cost-effective marketing and notification solution. If you are seeking digital marketing solution to maximize business opportunities, acquire and retain customers, Netcom Zimbabwe's bulk sms messaging services is the right solution for you.

Our reliable services enables you to send Short Messaging Solution (SMS) to hundreds of thousands of your customers, members and other individuals with the touch of a button. With our custom interface, you can set Custom Sender IDs and schedule messages to be sent at a preset time and date.

Our user friendly web interface is a intuitive and easy to use solution, ideal for mobile maketing and business sms communications. There is no application software to download and install. As a web based platform so all you need to get started is a web browser and internet access.

Our browser client is a powerful system capable of sending to one or a hundred thousand mobile numbers from a single send. Its ease of use allows you to send to hundreds or thousands of recipients in a matter of minutes.


Extend the power of SMS to your desktop with the Bulk SMS Text Messenger. The BulkSMS Text Messenger is a software programme that allows you to send SMS text messages from the desktop of your computer.

The Bulk SMS Desktop Client has the familiar look and feel of an e-mail client and is quick to install, easy to use, and readily available on your desktop.


Connect your software our website to our sms gateway. Our HTTP API is intended to be used by programmers and developers who wish to connect their platforms to our gateway through HTTP connectivity.

Any programming language that supports the HTTP protocol can be used interface with our HTTP API, eg. CC+, Java, Python, VB,, ASP,, Perl or PHP to name just a few.


10cents across all networks
(minimum $100 purchase order)

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Bulk SMS - Why Choose Us

Alphanumeric Sender ID icon design

Use your phone number, company name or abbreviation as the Sender ID to add promote your corporate image.

icon design Two Way SMS

Using your phone number as the Sender ID allows reciepients to reply to messages directly to your handset

Schedule Message Delivery icon design

Schedule messages to be sent at a later date & time for added conveneince and efficient administration

icon design Database Support

Import contacts and clients from Excel or custom csv file. Our platform supports multiple contact grouping features.

Group Messaging icon design

Create groups, import and arrange your contacts according to your custom type, or pasting numbers to the platform

icon design Long SMS Messages

Send long text messages (up to 918 characters in length). Texts longer than standard SMS are received as 1 long SMS

Reports icon design

Real time statistics of SMS delivery with detailed reports on SMS status delivery and outcome

icon design Validity Period

Set the validity period of the SMS so as to avoid delivery of SMS to unreachable handsets at inappropriate times

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