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Why its time to redesign your website

When you first launched your website, it seemed to meet your needs and be an asset to the business. Over time, however, things change, and a website that once supported your organizational objectives will often morph into something that actually works against you achieving your business goals.

Has your business changed recently?
Businesses change over time. Maybe you've tweaked the business model. Maybe you've modified your core positioning. Maybe you've added a line of new offerings. Sadly, many businesses change their businesses in significant ways and leave their websites as is. When this happens, the website is no longer an ally in promoting your business goals. In fact, your website may even be working against your achieving your business goals because it's promoting the wrong things in the wrong way. If your website is no longer strongly supporting your organizational goals, it's a good bet that you're badly in need of a website redesign.

Are the websites of your competitors outranking you in the search engine results?
Alongside word-of-mouth references, search engine referrals provide the best avenue for traffic to your website and for new customer acquisitions that result from increased traffic. If the competition is outranking you, it likely means that they have implemented search engine optimization (SEO) best practices that you've not yet gotten to. You need more/better content and a better internal linking structure. To outflank the competition, you'll need to relaunch your website in an SEO-savvy fashion.

Does your site have a dated look?
If you objectively look at your site and determine that it has an outdated look, it is probably time for a redesign. A site designed in, say, 2001 will no longer look current in 2017. Web design standards and trends change over time, so it's easy to get to a stage where your web site design is out of sync with the times. When that happens, research indicates that site visitors will spend less time on your site and your customer acquisition via the web will slow.

Can you easily update content on your website without having to call your web designer?
Your willingness to update your website is often dependent on how hard it is to actually update. Make sure you align yourself with an easy-to-use content management system that allows for simple changes to your website. If you site is not built on top of a robust content management system, it's time for a new website.

It’s in Flash
If your site’s still in Flash, I hate to tell you, but it’s been outdated for the past 5+ years. Not only do iPhone and iPad not support Flash, but search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can’t read it, which means it’s terrible for search engine optimization. In addition, users have to install a plugin (and make sure they have the latest version) to see it, which really detracts from user experience. Flash is difficult to use, difficult to create and difficult to maintain. Luckily, those who love the look of animations now have HTML5 at their disposal. Developers no longer have to rely on Flash to create interactive, animated features, and the best part is that HTML5 is compatible with all browsers and smartphones.

You’re Embarrassed to Give Out Your URL
For any of the reasons mentioned above, or maybe for some reason I didn’t mention, if you’re embarrassed to give your URL out, it’s definitely time for a website update! Your website is an investment in the future success of your business, and it’s important to view it that way. Having a strong online presence is no longer optional. In addition, your website can be the vehicle that helps you achieve your goals of better awareness, more leads and ultimately more happy customers.


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